Eat Stop Eat Review
by Laura Hamilton

Product Overview

Eat Stop Eat is a simple and effective plan that consists of a simple combination of flexible periods of intermittent fasting and weight training which helps you lose weight while still preserving your lean muscles and metabolism.

What You Get

Eat Stop Eat comes in different packages, the Basic Package comes with only the Eat Stop Eat e-book. The Deluxe Package comes with the e-book and an extra e-book titled "How Much Protein". Lastly, the Advanced Package comes with the e-book and several extras including the "How Much Protein" e-book, "Ten Day Diet Solution" e-book, Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files and Transcripts, Why Diets Stop Working Audio Files and Transcripts and Expert Interrogations.

Person Behind It

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional and an athlete. He has spent most of his life studying about nutrition and weight loss. He has experience working in the weight loss industry and in supplement companies. He has also traveled around the world learning about potential cures for obesity.


The basic package that comes with only the Eat Stop Eat e-book costs $39.95 while there are also other Eat Stop Eat packages that are available. The Deluxe Package costs $57 and the Advanced Package costs $77.


Eat Stop Eat comes with an 8 weeks money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results that you are getting from following the Eat Stop Eat Method, you can simply send an email to Brad and ask for a refund, no questions asked.

What I Like

The Eat Stop Eat Plan is easy to follow and the e-book does not contain a lot of useless information that are irrelevant to what you should be doing to get results. You can just do it when you want without having to stick with a strict diet and exercise routine. And with this plan, you can still preserve your lean muscles and it won’t affect your metabolism and lifestyle too much.

What I Don't Like

The sales letter for Eat Stop Eat might seem much too hyped. And it does not really explain much about the methods or steps that you will be following which might confuse some people as to what the program really is all about.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. The Eat Stop Eat plan is very simple to follow and will have you losing those unwanted fat and extra weight in no time at all. It also does not require a lot of things for you to buy or to do making it one of the simplest diet plans around. It is worth a try if you are determined to lose weight and looking for an easier alternative than following strict diets and spending hours upon hours in the gym. You can always try it out without any risk since it does come with a money-back guarantee, so there really is nothing to lose except maybe those extra pounds.

Our Rating

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